Hello, I'm a London-based freelance Web Developer who builds accessible, standards-compliant sites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP.

This page lists some of my favourite projects. Have a look around and if you'd like to get in touch, my contact details are just below.

Robinsons Put On A Panto screenshot

Robinsons Put On A Panto

PHP, Zend Framework

Lights! Trumpets! This site for Robinsons gives you everything you need to put on a panto at home. I was responsible for architecture and build of the backend, allowing users to save their progress, upload photos for their own poster and send out invites for the big night.

Launch putonapanto.com

Jerwood Laboratory screenshot

Jerwood Laboratory

HTML, CSS, PHP, Zend Framework

Supporting an experimental month-long exhibition at the Jerwood Space, this site gathered information from various sources - Flickr, Twitter and the Jerwood blog. Built in conjunction with The Partners and Pete Goodman, each days posts were printed out to be added to the physical exhibition catalogue. You can get the full lowdown and see the resulting catalogue at the Creative Review blog.

Launch jvalab.co.uk

Plum Baby screenshot

Plum Baby

JavaScript, PHP, Zend Framework

Plum Baby make organic food for babies, this project was a ground-up overhaul of their original site. I did the technical design and build of the custom cms and online shop. I also worked with the front-end team to add (gracefully degradable) AJAX functionality throughout the site. Yum!

Launch plumbaby.co.uk

Pirata London screenshot

Pirata London

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, WordPress

The sea-faring digital production crew at Pirata needed a new site to show off their wares. This custom-skinned WordPress installation has a few tricks up its sleeve, one example is the auto-generated background images for each post.

Launch piratalondon.com

Telenor screenshot

Telenor Group

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

I built HTML templates (including some custom jQuery plugins) and worked with the CMS provider to integrate these templates into the site. A number of the technical decisions for this project were influenced by the fact that almost the entire site was to be content editable, and available in two languages.

Launch telenor.com

Grey London screenshot

Grey London

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Expression Engine

I was responsible for all HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP on this site. The backend was a customised Expression Engine installation.

Toshiba Portégé screenshot

Toshiba Portégé


An 'alternate content' page for users visiting the Portégé microsite without Flash enabled. Once the original page had been put together I built an in-house tool to read translations from an XML file, and output plain HTML localised for each country the site was launched in.

Launch toshiba.co.uk/portege

JCDecaux UK screenshot

JCDecaux UK

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Custom CMS

A new site for the UK division of JCDecaux built with accessibility in mind. I worked on the front-end code and built several sections of the custom CMS.

Launch jcdecaux.co.uk

Shelter screenshot

Shelter UK


A simple HTML and CSS site built to support this multi-choice short film from Shelter UK.

Launch Trapped

Fortis Lifeplotter screenshot

Fortis Lifeplotter

PHP, Custom CMS

The Lifeplotter site allows you to plot your life on a curve. The backend allowed 'lifeplots' to be saved for later and included email notifications. The Flash work was done by the talented Joe Wheeler

Daihatsu screenshot


HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Custom CMS

Whilst at tonic I worked on the rebuild of the UK Daihatsu site. JavaScript and sIFR were used to improve the user experience on the site, whilst keeping it accessible and SEO friendly.

Launch daihatsu.co.uk

jsgridoverlay screenshot



Based on a script by Pete Goodman, I worked with Richard Hallows to rewrite it as a jQuery plugin, adding a couple of extra features on the way. The script allows you to overlay an image onto a page,
very useful for checking a build against the original designs.

View the source on google code

CST Advertising screenshot

CST Advertising

HTML, CSS, PHP, Wordpress

The CST site was a mostly HTML build, it also includes a custom skinned Wordpress installation.

Launch cstadvertising.com

Glowgetter screenshot



Glowgetter is a beauty and health shop / magazine. The site includes Paypal integration and a custom built CMS for managing products and features.

Launch glowgetter.co.uk

Tonic Email Newsletter screenshot

Tonic Email Newsletter


Tonic's email newsletter, built the old fashioned way (with tables!) to be compatible with as many email clients as possible. The email was also featured on Campaign Monitor's design gallery.

View the email at campaignmonitor.com

Cagney screenshot


PHP, Custom CMS

This Flash site has a custom built cms which makes use of AMFPHP, allowing the client to manage the content as they see fit.

Launch cagneyplc.com